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Episode Archive

Laurie Lee Brom - One Fantastic Week 169

Laurie Lee Brom grew up in the historical town of Charleston, South Carolina, the local ghost stories and folk tales of the swampy Low County, and rich Gullah culture stirring her imagination. She spent untold hours pursuing pixies and tree frogs in the hollow logs and Pluff Mud of her own backyard. Today she still pursues fairy folk along with all manner of curious ghosts and odd characters in her enchanting portraits and paintings. 

Jed Henry - One Fantastic Week 168

Jed Henry is an illustrator, lifelong gamer, Japanophile, and all-around nerd. He grew up copying art from game manuals, and years later, eventually got a degree in animation. He now works full time on Japanese prints, and on his upcoming video game 'Edo Superstar'. Jed lived in Tokyo for 2 years, and proudly speaks Japanese at about a 4-year-old level. Jed divides his time between drawing, his family, and scheming how to move back to Japan.

Nolan Nasser - One Fantastic Week 167

Nolan N. Nasser, is a freelance illustrator in the board game industry and independent artist. He has a love for digital painting, world building, games, and creating in general. He began working in the gaming industry with "Greater Than Games, LLC", doing artwork for board games like Fate of the Elder Gods, and New Bedford. His passion for gaming and storytelling fuels his passion for art. Reveling in the idea of creating characters and developing worlds he hopes to develop his own IP one day. 

Jacob Walker - One Fantastic Week 165

Working as a freelance illustrator since 2013, Jacob has worked for brands that range from Star Wars to craft breweries. But after having dipped his toe into creative independence with the successful Kickstarter of his first art book, he’s been focusing intensely on monster mythos. We’ll be talking with him about the changes in his career and how they’ve affected his life as a whole.

David LaRocca - One Fantastic Week 164

David has been working as a professional Digital, Traditional and 3D artist for over 17 years. He has done work in the 3D Animation, Comic book, Educational and Independent Video Game industries. His art has been printed in several books and magazines. In this time, he began illustrating his own worlds of fantasy and horror. He now works full time as a Freelance Illustrator. 

He recently completed a Kickstarter campaign to create a set of Cthulhu mythos themed dice called Elder Dice that raised over $260,000.

Alan Hochman - One Fantastic Week 163

Alan Hochman is the founder of Pastimes and Gamermats. He's not an artist himself and nor is he an art director, instead he's in the business of working with artists to create cool products. He owns and operates a business that creates custom dye-sublimated printed products. They produce game mats, banners, table tops, coasters, etc.

Iris Compiet - One Fantastic Week 161

ris enjoys working on projects ranging from picture books to gallery art and even sculpt her own frames. Creating a ‘sense of wonder’ is at the core of her work. She strives to lure in the spectator, to make them feel a connection to the work and open a gateway to their imagination to ignite it even further. As a medium she favors the traditional kind. Drawing inspiration from European folklore, mythology, fairytales, ghost stories and anything from tombstones, Victorian photography to popular movies and music.

Daniel and Dawna Davis - One Fantastic Week 160

In early 2005 Daniel and Dawna hit the comic convention circuit as "Steam Crow", and they've never looked back. Today, they've published 5 books, designed hundreds of products like buttons, art prints, stickers, glasses, designer toys, serigraphs and all kinds of cool stuff for their Steam Crow Shop. We've taken the show on the road, and continue to do tons of events every year. 

Christine Foltzer - Critcast 13

Christine Foltzer is an art director and graphic artist from the New York City area. She graduated from Pratt Institute and continues ongoing concept, design and illustration studies with the Dalvero Academy. Christine began her career as an intern for St. Martin's Press and has worked in-house for Oxford University Press and Grand Central Publishing. She currently works for Tor.com Publishing, which she helped launch in September 2015. She does freelance work as both a designer and an illustrator

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Clark Huggins - One Fantastic Week 157

Clark Huggins is a professional illustrator recently relocated to his home city of Providence, RI after a decade in New York City. Clark has worked for Fantasy Flight Games on the ANDROID:NETRUNNER, CALL OF CTHULHU, and STAR WARS games, as well as for Alderac Entertainment’s LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS. His work has appeared in IMAGINE FX Magazine, SPECTRUM, and INFECTED BY ART. Recently, he has created RECKLESS DECK, a creativity-boosting card deck for fantasy and sci fi artists (www.recklessdeck.com).

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Wylie Beckert - One Fantastic Week 156

Wylie’s art is a combination of digital and traditional media, and is defined by its darkness, whimsy, and emphasis on characters and storytelling. Her illustration work has most recently found itself in books, magazines, advertising, and animation, but is at home anywhere there is a story to be told. Her current personal project is an illustrated playing card deck called Wicked Kingdom.

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Greg Spalenka - One Fantastic Week 155

After graduating from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in 1982 Greg moved to New York City and began illustrating for America’s most prominent publishers of books, magazines, and newspapers. Two decades later Greg worked as a concept designer on feature CG animated and live action films such as The Ant Bully, The Golden Compass, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Escape From Planet Earth.

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