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Episode Archive

One Fantastic Week - Ep. 23 - Aaron Miller

This week with special guest Aaron Miller!

Aaron Miller - www.aaronbmiller.com

Sam Flegal - www.samflegal.com

Pete Mohrbacher - www.vandalhigh.com


- Aaron's workshop.

- Painting Ajani (MTG planeswalker).

- Apllibot and doing assignments you're not fond of.

- Reaching out to local artists for advice.

- Advice for beginning artists: not giving up, pushing through, choosing your medium.

- C2E2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo: Pete meets with a Marvel editor, game and movie producers.

- Pete meets Greg Manchess' nephew Adam Carlson.

- Beer and breweries.

- Big Cartel, Wordpress, E-commerce.

- Why Aaron uses Inprnt and fulfilling orders.

- Having a connection with your audience.

- Why have an assistant and what their role should be.


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