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Episode Archive

One Fantastic Week – Ep. 29 – Eric Fortune


Eric Fortune - www.ericfortune.com

Sam Flegal - www.samflegal.com

Pete Mohrbacher - www.vandalhigh.com

Show Notes:

How was your week?
Sam - local art show, Hero games commission for kickstarter
Pete - took time off, sharing work in progress
Posting progress vs. Keeping work under wraps and having a big reveal  - what's more effective
Eric - not traveling, like visiting conventions, but not working them
 - working on pieces for upcoming gallery shows
 - took a hit financially when he stepped away from commissioned work and into fine art gallery work
 - feeling burned out, taking a break
 - talks about how he is coping with this period

Sam asks Eric to walk us through the gallery process
 - got a foot in the door from networking
 - what galleries show/what's popular/derivative works
 - most sales are from originals
 - underselling a few pieces in group shows to build a rep
 - start gradually raising prices as popularity grows
 - hard to maintain longevity
 - commissions give you a pay check
 - galleries - no guaranteed sales, gallery takes a cut, but offers you more creative freedom

 - the message behind Eric's art/meaning in art/social issues
 - exploring issues through social networking/letting it inform your work

What advice to you have for fantasy artists entering the fine art market?
 - high fantasy is a niche market
 - Illuxcon
 - Eric shows in the pop surreal market, not the same market
 - focus on your craft
 - finding the collector base

 - Magic subreddit
 - find the subreddits related to the subjects that your art is illustrating

Eric talks about his acrylic technique.
Eric talks about MTG commissions.

Knowing if a gallery deal is good or bad. 50% cut is standard.



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