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One Fantastic Week – Ep. 42 – Aaron Miller



Show Notes

How's Your Week
- Sam - Vodka/advertising job, genre in mainstream marketing, DragonCon, Illuxcon
- Pete - Shipping orders, Illuxcon, Bones in garage, Quick Books, S Corp.
- Aaron - Finishing magic and Star Wars pieces, Illuxcon

Thoughts on how to spend time at Illuxcon
Socializing at Illuxcon
How did GenCon go for Aaron?
- First show with a magic card
- Altering cards
- Getting noticed at GenCon

Aaron did work for D&D, what's next after that?
Artists not credited in D&D.  
You should be building own brand,
though Aaron isn't personally doing that as much as he thinks he should.
If you do good work, you'll find jobs.
Engage with people at shows.

Aaron won best in show at GenCon, so this year, he was part of the judging process - describes that experience.
Aaron's Illustration Workshop in Chicago
Pete talks about upcoming mentorship.
Finding time to study/make art while working full-time.
Prepping for Illuxcon.
Sam talks about a painting he just completed - Warhammer 40K
When you have to turn down jobs, due to scheduling.
Aaron shows/talks about the painting he is currently working on.
Working on an older piece after a long period of time has passed.

Aaron Miller – http://www.aaronbmiller.com/

Sam Flegal - www.samflegal.com

Pete Mohrbacher - www.vandalhigh.com



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