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Episode Archive

One Fantastic Week – Ep.72 – Jon Schindehette

Show Notes

How's your week?
- Think Geek solutions - new products
- ArtOrder art book "Inspired"  
- How to get a project promoted
- About Self Publishing and Art Order
- Mistakes and surprises in the process of self publishing
- Why Kickstarter didn't work for Jon the first time
- IndieGoGo vs. Kickstarter
- What's next for Art Order?
   - Geiger tribute
   - Local lit magazine/Art Order challenge
- Jon talks about his mentor and why he chooses to mentor others
- Process behind developing products, developing games, etc.
- Galleries or contests that should be on an artist's to-do list, also traveling
  -KrabJab studio
  -La Luz De Jesus Gallery?
- Talking about mentees
- Entering Art Order challenges
- Misconceptions that artists have about art directors
  - Artists think art directors have more free time than they do to find new artists
- What is the most common challenge that mentees need help with?
  - Helping people find voice or believe in themselves
  - Challenging preconceived notions about who they are and what they are doing
- What specifics does Jon look for when considering who to invite to the ArtOrder invitational?
  - 1/3 are people that he has worked with and loved
  - 1/3 never worked with but has wanted to
  - 1/3 new talent
- Where does Jon find new art?
  - Instagram
- Where is Art Order going in the future?
- How do you get seen when what you love is not mainstream?
  - If you are painting the most popular themes, that is where the most competition is
  - More unique may mean fewer opportunities, but also less competition
  - People will respond to you making art about what you are genuinely interested in
- Closing thoughts:
  - Make a lot of mistakes.  
  - Get out of comfort zone and improve.

Jon Schindehette - www.theartorder.com

Sam Flegal - www.samflegal.com

Pete Mohrbacher - www.vandalhigh.com


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