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Episode Archive

One Fantastic Week – Ep.91 – Ruth Thompson

We had a bit of scheduling trouble, so the first 30 mins Pete and Sam talk about their weeks and experiences with Dragon Con this year. Then Ruth Thompson joins in. Her camera wouldn't connect so Ruth is voice only. She offers amazing advice on the business of art, something she's been doing for over 25 years. This episode runs long, but is worth the listen!

Ruth Thompson - www.redrooart.com

Sam Flegal - www.samflegal.com

Pete Mohrbacher - www.vandalhigh.com


Sam and Pete's Fantastic Pre-show

  • Final prep for 1FWorkshop
  • Sam works and a secret painting and plays the banjo! (but not at the same time)
  • How was your week at Dragon Con?- positive changes

When Ruth arrives

  • Con tips and tricks "convention exclusive" or Open edition vs Limited Edition Prints
  • Selling tapestries 
  • Freelancing vs Independent Art sales
  • Don't just sell at Cons, consider Renaissance festivals, Crafts shows, and specialty events (ie sell horse prints at a horse show as one of the vendors)
  • Licensing - tips and tricks
  • Saving money at cons - and what you should splurge on
  • How awesome Hobby Lobby is and how to save $ on frames
  • Presentation and Sales
  • Being the seller vs being the artist and finding balance


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