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Episode Archive

Magic the Gathering Artist - Steve Argyle - 1FW 255

Our hosts Peter Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal are joined by 1FW workshop instructor and professional artist Steve Argyle on today's episode of One Fantastic Week. Find Steve's work at: https://www.steveargyle.com/

Exhibiting a wide palette of skills, Steve Argyle has been creating visual experiences since 1995. He has helped craft and detail the look of fantastic worlds ranging from Magic the Gathering to Star Wars. Steve also has nearly a decade of experience in studio environments creating 3D CGI for games and film. Steve is fueled by passion for bringing beloved characters to life. Also by copious amounts of caffeine.

Selected clients include: Wizards of the Coast, Sideshow Collectibles, Sony Online Entertainment, Lucasarts, Dragon Steel, TOR Books, Alderac Entertainment Group, Capcom, Imagine FX Magazine, Gen Con, Davis Films, Applibot, Bushiroads, Nightshade Publishing

One Fantastic Week is a weekly web show where self-employed fantasy artists talk about whatever happened over the last 7 days. 

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