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Gavin Gray Valentine - 1FW 249 - How to Ace Art Conventions!

Gavin's story is one of a young boy with a great imagination. He grew up fighting invisible monsters with a broomstick for a sword and now brings those monsters to life. Growing up his ragtag group of action figures often went on quests in the unknown lands of his backyard. Him and his friends would come up with new levels and characters for their favorite video games and dream of what it would be like to play them. In high school, he began creating his own worlds to use while role-playing at the dinner table. Since then he has been working tirelessly on his art. He learns something new every day and he has made lots of new friends along the way

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Holiday Special - One Fantastic Week - 1FW 245

On this week's episode, we are bringing on the entire One Fantastic Week Staff for a Holiday Special! 

Tawny Fritz: https://tawnyfritz.com
Allen Panakal: https://ancientones.net/
Melissa Gay: https://Melissagay.com
Gavin Valentine: https://ggvart.com
Kiri Leonard: https://kirileonard.com and https://youtube.com/c/KiriLeonard

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