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Tyler Walpole is Creating a New IP - One Fantastic Week 114

Tyler is in the process of launching Blood of Dragons, a creator owned IP that he's been dreaming about for years. This last weekend was his first convention showing exclusively as Blood of Dragons. We're going to talk to him about what it's like trying to launch a new IP and how it compares to his time as a freelancer.

Tyler Walpole - www.tylerwalpole.com

Sam Flegal – www.fatefulsigns.com

Pete Mohrbacher – www.vandalhigh.com

The Fantastic Workshop - www.onefantasticweekend.com



- Choosing images for display/representing your IP at cons.

- Thinking long term about an IP and the stability benefits.

- Blood of Dragons story, time management, etc.

- Short and long term planning for IPs.

- Engaging an audience with a pitch. Telling or not telling too much?

- Traditional vs Digital finals

- Inspiration for Blood of Dragons logo

- When do you abandon an IP?

- How do you carve out time for your IP?

- Portfolios at conventions?


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