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2019 Workshop Schedule!!!


The 2019 Schedule for The Fantastic Workshop

Click the LINK to read the full schedule, here are some of the highlights:


Story & World As Products

Lecture - David Petersen

What can I do with my art and ideas other than make prints? Join the creator of Mouseguard, David Petersen, as he walks you through the ins and outs of his IP empire. Learn about IP management, product design, and so much more! Come with questions.


Gaining True Followers

Lecture - Tim Von Rueden

How do you handle engaging with an audience online? There are a lot of different platforms and ways to communicate, what are the best practices and best options for artists. Tim Von will tell all!


Process and Veracity

Lecture - Vanessa Lemen

How can watching a live painting process demonstration help to explore a deeper understanding of your own authentic vision? Join Vanessa as she paints while discussing how image-making relates to life, temperament, mindfulness, and habitual truthfulness. You will gain insight on ways of exploring a little more about your own story by watching and listening to her share her own personal vision and image-making strategies. Come with questions about process and materials, as well as the deeper issues. It's all connected!


Art, Magic, And Symbols: Weaving A Personal Mythology

Lecture - Sam Guay

What paths can you take to create personal work and why would you chose to do it? Sam will discuss methods of symbol creation and explore personal mythologies while sharing the "how”s and "why"s behind her work.


Getting Paid 3 Times

Lecture - Peter Mohrbacher

Your art is valuable to different people in different ways. If you want to the most out of it, you need to learn how to get paid more than once for each piece of content you make. Peter will be going over the different income streams available to artists and lay out a plan to benefit from three or more at a time.


Building On A Commercial Career

Lecture - Steve Argyle

How do you grow your list of clients into a fan base? That’s exactly what Steve Argyle has done and it wasn’t by accident. Steve will walk you through the steps he took to go from illustrator to running an art empire!


Commercial Viability, Personal Art, And Paint Overs

Lecture - Ron Lemen

Ron Lemen will be doing digital paint overs to show the small difference it requires to tweak your work for maximum commercial appeal. Often the difference is very small. Ron is taking volunteers so if you want your work featured email sam@samflegal.com before November 1st.


Art, Education And Inspiration - Techniques For Leveling-Up Your Creativity

Lecture - Sean Murray

Sean will take on the subject of continual growth as an artist: how and where to find new sources of inspiration, good and bad habits for artistic evolution and the pros and cons of traditional schooling vs. crafting your own education through workshops and online courses.


Convention Set Up

Lecture - Sam Flegal

As you know there are lots of options when it comes to setting up a convention booth. Sam will walk you through several different options, highlighting different members of the community. You will also get to see several live examples and ask all the questions you want. Let’s get technical!

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