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One Review at a Time: Draw All the Webs!

Todd McFarlane has always been a big influence on me. I was in the 5th grade when “Spawn” #1 came out and I was blown away. I bring up Todd’s philosophy of “drawing all the webs,” a good bit on 1FW so I thought I’d share the full quote and also plug McFarlane’s art book.

The book chronicles Todd’s entire career up to 2012 when the book was published. It includes a forward by Stan Lee, and I personally found it a delight to read. Todd’s work ethic and bold career choices changed comics, art, and toys. It’s the sort of story we can all learn from.

If you take a look at the webbing one of the things I vowed – no matter what size the panel was – was to never cheat the webbing… If you look at the webbing very closely, you can follow one strand of it as it wraps around the other web line; it’s a continuous piece and I didn’t cut corners on it. Did the webbing take me a lot of time when I was inking? YES! Was it a pain? YES! Was Spider-Man’s costume a pain with the addition of the webbing? ABSOLUTELY! At the end – where the results worth it? YES!
— -Todd McFarlane (Pg. 140 “The Art of Todd McFarlane")


Sam Flegal is one of the Co-Hosts of One Fantastic Week a weekly webshow about self employed fantasy artists. His personal project, Fateful Signs, focuses on Norse Mythology. Sam lives in Nashville with his wife and daughter; and he buys too much stuff on Amazon Prime.