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Last Call for Workshop Tickets


Over the last few years, I’ve built a business I’m really proud of. Not only because it makes enough money to support a comfortable life for my family, but also because it’s built entirely on the back of my own personal artwork. By paying close attention to the lives and businesses of artists more experienced than myself, I’ve created something that will sustain me financially and creatively for the rest of my life. As a repayment to the community that’s helped me achieve this, I’ve been working to hold the door open for other artists who aspire to the same goals.

I want to help you make a comfortable living, making the kind of art you love and selling it directly to your fans. 


Paying it forward has been an essential part of my own growth as an Independent Artist. I’ve been fortunate enough to inherit a community, built by my predecessors, that’s always been open to share its knowledge. That’s a big part of why Sam and I have kept One Fantastic Week an open and honest place. 

We created The Fantastic Workshop so that there would be a physical space where people can meet up and share their experiences in a safe place. We would probably do it for free, but the cost of all the instructors and services included in the ticket price add up to a big investment on our part. Hence, the $1700 price tag.

The ticket price is a lot of money and I can’t guarantee you’ll make it back. However, I can tell you that I've watched attendees from past workshops shatter their personal records since attending and some have pushed ahead of famous industry veterans in their incomes. All throughout the year, we’ve been hearing back from artists with little professional experience and only a few years of history at conventions regularly earning $5,000 - $10,000 per convention. There was a time where I thought $20,000 in gross sales was about the maximum anyone could earn at a single event, this year saw multiple instances of artists breaking $40,000. Numbers that big start to beg for a larger conversation. This workshop is the home base for that conversation.

You don’t need to be an experienced artist or entrepreneur to make this investment worthwhile, but you do need to love being your own boss.

Come join us. November 15-20 in Nashville, TN.


Buy the ticket, take the ride.


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