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One Review at a Time: Label Maker

Every artist studio and convention kit can benefit from a hand held label maker. I've been using mine for about 6 months now and I love it!

The most obvious use, is labeling things in your studio. This was a key component of my studio remodeling earlier this year. I love my new floors, but ultimately having my supplies and costumes labeled has made a much bigger impact on my productivity. Remembering where your ink pens are and which bin you put your steampunk goggles is something every artist can see the advantage of, I'm sure!


I also bring my label maker to conventions. The main reason is because it allows me to make printed price signs on the road. Nothing says amateur like hand written signs! This way I can make price changes and new signs as needed, in a way that looks professional and official.

Remember when customers see a price that's been printed out it registers in their brain as a solid number. Hand written signs bring to mind "yard sale," and at the yard sale everything is negotiable.


The other thing I use them for at cons is to print out a customers name when they buy something, but leave it in my booth. Sometimes people say "I don't want to carry the art/books around." If you let them go they may not come back. I let them know that if the purchase now I will place their items in a bag (yes you should have bags for your customers!) and label the bag with their name, so that when they return anyone working my booth can easily find and give them their items whenever they're ready to go.


Sam Flegal is one of the Co-Hosts of One Fantastic Week a weekly webshow about self employed fantasy artists. His personal project, Fateful Signs, focuses on Norse Mythology. Sam lives in Nashville with his wife and daughter; and he buys too much stuff on Amazon Prime.