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One Review at a Time: Slim Storage Cart

Old School Light Box

Like any artist I like to have my supplies close at hand. I have a pretty good sized bedroom dedicated to my studio space, but there are still size constraints. After cleaning and remodeling I didn't want to go back to a cluttered and cramped space where I found it oppressive to work.

It was also important to me that my paint and supplies be visible while I was working. I hate digging through boxes and bins to find the right paint tube. I want to see every color available to me at a glance.

So I went to the internet and started to investigate my options. After digging a bit I learned that other people have a similar problem in their kitchens and laundry rooms. That's how I found the Slim Storage Cart!

As the name implies this is a skinny cart is perfect for in-between spaces. It's light weight, has wheels, a handle, and is easy to push in and out. Perfect to store paints and other art supplies in a small space. Pull the cart out when you're painting, push it back under when working in another medium.


The AJ 4-Tier Slim Storage Cart is on Amazon Prime for $33.99. You'll see from the images above that I only use three tiers. For some reason the 3 tier cart is not on Prime and was around $30 at the time. I've since found the 3 tier version for $26.99 plus free shipping and will post a link at the end of this article.

The only problem I had with the cart is that the weight of my oil paint tubes caused the cart to separate if I needed to lift it to adjust its position. I solved that problem with a bit of super glue.

If you're interested in a skinny storage cart to fit in those in-between spaces of your studio, this is a great solution!

I'm very happy with my cart. It's plastic and pretty basic, but it solved my storage and visibility problem for around $30. If you measure your space you should be able to do a better job than me and save a little money by getting the 3 tier version. Either way I hope the cart helps make your studio a little more efficient!



Sam Flegal is one of the Co-Hosts of One Fantastic Week a weekly webshow about self employed fantasy artists. His personal project, Fateful Signs, focuses on Norse Mythology. Sam lives in Nashville with his wife and daughter; and he buys too much stuff on Amazon Prime.