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Selling on Instagram made easy


Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the easiest for us artists to gather a following. Getting thousands of people keeping up with you is nice but if you’re trying to sell stuff, it can be tough. Instagram makes it very hard to get users to take action or buy anything.

After you get 10,000 followers, you can start to attach links to IG stories, but what you really want is a way to link people from your main feed to your storefront. This last week I realized they’ve made that exceptionally easy.

You’re going to want to set up your account to tag products. Once you do that, you can embed a purchase link directly into your images on IG. Getting it set up is a little bit of a pain, but once you’ve got it, it’s powerful. People can make purchases from your personal site without leaving IG.

Unlocking the ability to tag products is hard because it involves setting up and connecting your website and IG account together using Facebook’s business platform as an intermediary. Don’t go poking around on your page looking for it. Do yourself a favor and Google up a step-by-step guide. Facebook Business is nightmare fuel, but it's worth it.

This last week, I was promoting a limited run item on my site and throwing everything at the wall to get them sold. Part of this involved paid IG ads that had a link back to my site. $30 of ad spend had a fraction of the effect of product tagging, which is free.

If you’ve already got a web store and IG following, I highly recommend taking a couple of hours today and hooking this stuff up. It’s the most powerful advertising tool I’ve come across in a long time.


Pete is an independent artist and the creator of Angelarium (www.angelarium.net). His passion lies at the intersection of art and entrepreneurship.