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One Review at a Time: Studio Plants!

One “Snake Plant” sits by the window in my studio.

One “Snake Plant” sits by the window in my studio.

Several years ago Dan Dos Santos did an article on Muddy Colors about studio plants. In the article he talked about the benefits of having green living things in your studio. While there are many benefits, the one that stood out the most to me as an oil painter was that some plants actually detoxify the chemicals that oil painting mediums release into your studio!

Now this doesn’t mean a fancy plant is a replacement for good ventilation and a chemical grade air filter, but it is a great addition to the safety and clean air in your studio. NASA released a chart a few years back to help identify which plants helped with certain chemicals. After consulting the chart and doing a little research I decided to get Sansevieria aka “Mother-in-law’s Tongue” or “Snake Plant.”

I really enjoy caring for my plants, they only need to be watered once every 2 weeks and need minimal sunlight to stay healthy. They’re really easy to care for and I’ve enjoyed having them in the studio and caring for them more than I thought I would. They’re kind of like my studio buddies!

With winter upon us, it’s nice to have a bit of green nearby, and the health benefits for me and my family are also nice!


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