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10 Reasons for Artists to Dig Deeper

We all know that trying new things gets us out of our comfort zone, but why is it important to do this? The bottom line is this: it's a way of digging deeper.  I've come up with a list of ten good reasons to experiment and try new things. (And there are definitely more than ten, but I think you'll find that these reasons are plenty to contemplate for now). You'll probably find that all of these points can be applied to life as well as art. I believe that the more open we are to the dialog we can have with our art, the greater the visual vocabulary we build by practicing and remembering, and the more connected we see all aspects of what we do and experience – that life is art and art is life – the closer we'll come to finding the truth and making the connection we're truly meant to be making.

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How to handle life’s obligations and start an art career?

Full Time Job + Art + Family/Kids…

The fundamentals of this topic are so varied that talking about it is hard. Everyone’s life is just so different. Is your job 40 hours, 20, or 80? Do you have a new born, 3 kids, and what are their ages? How much time does your spouse need, or are you a single parent? The only way I know how to do it, is to talk about my own story, and in doing so hope that some of you relate. As we go I will try to pull out a few kernels of wisdom I picked up a long the way.

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A Checklist for Aspiring Illustrators to Get Started on their Career

1. Your portfolio should only consist of your best pieces, remember one weak piece will weaken the whole portfolio. Don’t put too many images in either. 10-12 images are usually optimal. The content of the portfolio depends on what kind of illustration you want to do, make sure to do your research on the field you’re interested in first.

2. A good, strong …

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