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One Review at a Time: Camera Arm for Artists

You probably know that video is important for content creators. As an artist video fits naturally into what you do. People want to know how we make the magic! This year I decided to make video a priority and in order to help with that I got an articulated arm that will hold my Canon camera.

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One Review at a Time: Studio Plants!

Several years ago Dan Dos Santos did an article on Muddy Colors about studio plants. In the article he talked about the benefits of having green living things in your studio. While there are many benefits, the one that stood out the most to me as an oil painter was that some plants actually detoxify the chemicals that oil painting mediums release into your studio!

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One Review at a Time: Work Bench Organizer

I’m always looking for ways to improve my studio. I find it’s easy to build up lots of clutter on my cutting table, and then I end up having to clear a bunch of stuff off so I can use it. I finally realized that most of the clutter was tools that I used regularly so I started looking for a way to organize everything. With a lot of Amazon searching I discovered this guy…

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