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The Five C's of Instagram: CONTENT

On January 31st Tawny Fritz posted the following article to her website.

In this post, I'll talk about what I know regarding content and what makes decent content.

How to generate maximum content: Take lots of photos during the process of creating the piece. From sketch to finish, photograph it in decent light (I can talk about image editing apps at a later time but taking a decent photograph is the first step). It can be taken with a phone, considering it's not going to be viewed larger than, say, an iPad screen. But you still want to at least try for a relatively decent image. Set up your phone to be able to take a few videos, or if you have the capability, film the entire process. These videos will be chopped and shredded and used up until it's compost! But videos are the best content on Instagram. IG loves videos and will push it to the top of your followers timelines. 


The above video hit the discover page on the hashtag for #draweveryday, which has 3+ million uses. I'll get deeper into hashtags in another post. 

So. What is "good content"? Here are a few examples of great images of an artist's work, that took no longer than a few seconds to set up and maybe a few more minutes to adjust in, say, Afterlight or Photoshop Express.


If you're a digital artist, never fear! There are plenty of ways to showcase your work on Instagram without going through extra hoops.

Another way to showcase content is to include works in progress shots of you actually working on the thing!



Image editing is important so that the image is clear and crisp. Even if you create dark imagery, the picture itself has to be featured in a way that is pleasing to the viewer's eye. Check out Christopher Lovell's dark fantasy/horror art photos:



The best course of action, as I said above, is to document the whole process. Then, sit down when you have, say, an hour, and go through each image you'd like to post and make any adjustments in image editing programs to brighten or desaturate the image.  Create a backlog of dozens of images ready to post. This will help you maintain consistency and have a lot of content to post.

All of that said, I want to emphasize something: None of this matters if you aren't creating new art! Focus on creating art, and while you're creating the art, take a few seconds here and there to snap some photos. It doesn't interrupt the workflow as much as you think, because honestly, you should probably be stopping every hour to stretch anyway 😉

What will you create today? 


Tawny Fritz is an independent, self-initiated artist originally from New Orleans, currently living in Colorado. She works primarily in ink, creating bold, fierce works with striking contrast. The purpose of her pieces vary from just having fun to addressing internal emotional conflict.

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