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Why we made pins and how to get them

I received 1000 enamel pins in the mail yesterday with the 1FW logo on them. Sam and I agreed that it was a great idea to get them made, but not because we wanted to make a ton of money on them. The truth is that more than anything, I just want to see these on people's art bags and lapels around places Illuxcon every year.

The culture around 1FW is less the product of our own work and more the collective spirit of the people who support the project. As curators of that culture, we want every opportunity to allow members to identify with it and identify each other. We want to enable people to represent their status as 1FW members but t-shirts are a pain in the ass, so we made pins instead.

As of right now, these pins are being given to the people who support our project via Patreon (www.patreon.com/1fw). That's primarily because they've already paid for it by volunteering donations for no reward but it's also our not-so sly way of encouraging passive community members to sign up. There are instructions on Patreon for how to get them that are only visible to current patrons.

When or if they go on sale, they'll be $10. In the mean time, we're shooting to get them in the hands of the people who helped us get here. If you are a past supporter or a friend who supports the community outside of Patreon, send me an email and I'll get you a pin. 1fantasticweek@gmail.com