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One Review at a Time: Work Bench Organizer

I’m always looking for ways to improve my studio. I find it’s easy to build up lots of clutter on my cutting table, and then I end up having to clear a bunch of stuff off so I can use it. I finally realized that most of the clutter was tools that I used regularly so I started looking for a way to organize everything. With a lot of Amazon searching I discovered this guy:

When I purchased the table it was listed at $79.99 with PRIME delivery. I thought about it awhile and just kept coming back to it. I made sure to measure the space I had, and it really was the perfect size. I went ahead and ordered it.

When the work bench organizer arrived it was unfinished wood just as pictured. I stained the wood and added a finishing coat. I let the whole thing dry for about three days, then brought it into my studio. I’ve been very happy with the organization it offers and love the way it looks in my studio space!



Sam Flegal is one of the Co-Hosts of One Fantastic Week a weekly webshow about self employed fantasy artists. His personal project, Fateful Signs, focuses on Norse Mythology. Sam lives in Nashville with his wife and daughter; and he buys too much stuff on Amazon Prime.