A webshow for independant artists


Is there a portfolio review to get in?

Nope. It's first-come, first-serve. The hope is that the most driven students will strive to sign up before the tickets are gone. We want ambitious artists to join us in this event!

I'm a working professional. Is there content at this event that will be relevant to me?

Definitely. It will be a chance to learn new avenues of business or refine old ones. Much like a convention, it will be a chance to network and learn collaboratively.

I'm not very far along with my career. Is this class too advanced for me?
In my experience, there is never a time too early to start approaching the realities of business and art. You'll receive a crash course in painting as well as get an opportunity to look behind the professional curtain to see what working artists are focusing on.

Are you going to provide the art materials?

Nope. That's all on you. All paints, surfaces, solvents, computers and anything else you need to make art are going to be provided by you. There are art stores in the downtown Nashville area to buy things you don't want to fly with, but it will be up to you to check on availability.

Can I record the lectures?
We're prioritizing the lecturer's ability to share sensitive materials over the ability to record them. So, we'll try to make any content that won't get our instructors in trouble available.

How long is the workshop?
Students will arrive Wednesday night. Classes will begin on Thursday and go through Sunday afternoon. Students will go home Sunday evening.

Can I arrange longer stay?
Yes! If you want to pay for it you can extend your stay at Scarrit Bennit center. Contact sam@samflegal.com to make these arrangements.