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Artists who Can Hustle!

There are a lot of great artists in this world. Now more than ever we live in a golden age of amazing art across many genres, but not all artists are hustlers. What do I mean by hustlers, you ask? Well I’ll tell you… I mean the sort of artist that is a master of image making, has a passion for teaching and sharing their story, and is ALSO a successful entrepreneur. The sort of artist that can talk about brush preferences as well as tax returns and the bottom line. Those are the sort of instructors we’ve picked out for you, and they come from a diverse range of backgrounds and personalities, from every part of the entertainment industry, as well as advertising and fine art. You are in for a treat. If I were you, I’d sign up now, but go ahead and read these bios. When you’re done we’ll still be here. Join us for the Fantastic Workshop and learn to hustle!


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Steve Argyle


Have you met Steve…? Chances are, you have! You see… he’s everywhere, at least at all the cool geeky places. I’m pretty sure Steve’s wife Kat invented an artist matter duplicator in order to ensure that Steve can be at all the places he needs to be at the same time while still making jaw-dropping art at an inhuman rate. There’s not just one Steve Argyle… there’s an army of Steves! Just in case you haven’t met Steve (and I’m not sure I believe you), I can tell you he is at the top of his game, working for Magic the Gathering, Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings, and his own personal projects, and that’s all well and good, but what really makes Steve Argyle a marvel is the service he provides to his fans, the empire he built one connection at a time, and the monolith of a booth he sets up at conventions. He is a powerhouse, and you’re in luck because Steve (at least one of his matter duplicated clones), his wife Kat, and their plethora of knowledge will all be at The Fantastic Workshop. You should be there too!


Vanessa Lemen


Seeing a Vanessa Lemen oil painting in person is a marvel. She has a way of making marks and using color that makes it feel like the frame around her painting is the window into a dream. Her thought process and care while simultaneously embracing randomness and serendipity brings an energy to her work that is palpable. Fortunately for you, she is not just an expert painter, but also an expert teacher; and where many might choose to hide their secret knowledge away, Vanessa is both kind and genuine in sharing what she knows. She spearheaded her own art career while simultaneously running an art school with her husband Ron. If you come to The Fantastic Workshop, you will be able to paint side-by-side with Vanessa, learning as you go! The value of this experience cannot be understated—more than once have previous attendees of the workshop unlocked their own secret art within thanks to Vanessa’s tutelage. Join us for the Fantastic Workshop, and paint dreams with the marvelous Vanessa Lemen!

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Ron Lemen


[Thunder shakes the sky as rain pours down on an ancient castle.] The term “artist” barely contains the mastery that is Ron Lemen. He is a teacher, an art historian, art technician, mentor, and master of more media than you can shake a paint brush at! For many years, Ron ran an art studio and school alongside his wife Vanessa; and he continues to teach, while at the same managing his own career as an artist. Ron is an artist in the old tradition—that of art as science. He is a mad genius with stylus, brush, and pencil, and I am excited to tell you he is one of the best damn teachers you will ever encounter! Lucky for you, Ron will be setting up his temporary science lab at The Fantastic Workshop where you will be able to don your own lab coat and discover the joy that is art science! [Mad laughter fills the air… “it’s ALIVE!”]

WildWolf page_web.png

David Petersen


David Petersen knows the secret of speaking to mice. I’d love to tell you he is merely creative, charming, and one of the most delightful storytellers you will ever meet; but in truth, he found an ancient scroll with ancient magic that allows him to teleport to another world, a world ruled by mice. He is a simple chronicler of their story, but he also knows their secrets; and if you sit with David by the fire, he might just share the things he knows with you. Join us for the Fantastic Workshop and find out how David created the amazing comic book and world of Mouse Guard, manages the Mouse Guard IP, ventures into various product markets like toys and games, how he makes comics, and how he will soon have a major motion picture. Come get your seat by the fire!

The Fool Workshop_web.jpg

Sam Guay


There are generally two types of witches in this world: those with hooked noses and hunched backs, and the elfin kind that are more a part of faerie than most of us. Sam Guay is that second type of witch. She interprets dreams, traverses the occult void, and knows the most powerful type of magic... the magic of knowing one’s self. It’s no surprise that she’s made a wildly successful tarot deck, and that her art teems with magical energy. If you want to learn about tarot, magical symbols in art, watercolor, or how to invite quiet conversations with those private worlds deep within you; then you are in for a treat, as Sam Guay can teach you all of those things. If you come to the Fantastic Workshop, you will step into the faerie realm of Sam Guay; there may be dangerous things (she claims to be a child eating hag under a powerful glamour!), but the best knowledge always comes with a tinge of danger and a price. Join us!


Tim Von Rueden


If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you already follow Vonnart on YouTube, Instagram, or some other form of social media. Hell, I’m willing to wager that you found 1FW because Tim pointed you our direction. I mean everyone follows Tim Von Rueden. Don’t believe me? Take a moment and go look at his Instagram; the link is right up above. See I told you! Tim is remarkable, his art is honest and amazing, and he wears sparkly gold pants—what’s not to love! The hundreds of thousands of people who follow him are not wrong. Tim is a dream, and we are very excited that he has agreed to join us for The Fantastic Workshop. Tim will share his social media tips and tricks, his nerd level accounting and business plan for artists, and hopefully a bit of his sparkly gold. You already follow Tim. It’s about time you came to meet him in person. Join us… it will be epic!


Sean Andrew Murray


Sean Andrew Murray is a wizard with a pencil. However, his true love is for the bizarre urban advance of humanity and the deep detritus of cities built upon the ruins of the past. It’s no coincidence that he’s built a world full of wizards meandering through the streets of an arcane city. His mind is just as full of arcane lore and twisting paths. If you’re lucky, you will get to meet Sean Murray one day and walk those paths together as he helps unlock the art and the worlds that are within you. If you’re really lucky, you might just get to eat sandwiches together. At the Fantastic Workshop, you will get to do both of those things; so come join us for a bit of art, some world building techniques, and the wonderful joy that is Sean Murray!

Hosted by:

Sam Flegal


You might assume Sam Flegal is a surly Viking standing over the blood of his enemies in the frozen North, but that’s just not true. Sam loves the ancient lore of the Vikings, and has made it his mission to reinterpret these ancient stories for a modern audience; but the real truth is that Sam is the nicest guy. Full of southern hospitality, genuine love for the art community and the artists within it, Sam is one of the co-hosts of One Fantastic Week. He will be there to welcome you to Nashville for The Fantastic Workshop with a smile on his face; and yes, there may be a bit of mischief at the corner of that smile, but it is the sort of smile that promises a grand adventure. In addition to being the ringleader for the week, Sam will also share his skills as a storyteller, a salesman, and an art shaman (maybe some of that Viking stuff is true!). Join us on a quest that will take your art and your business to new heights, so that when you get home you can tell them… I met Sam and I had a Fantastic Week!

Peter Mohrbacher


People often ask about Pete… What’s his deal? How did he build Angelarium? How does he do so well at cons? Why is his art amazing? What are his secrets? And you might expect a whimsical answer about how he communes with angels, or visits heaven, but the truth is far more interesting. You see Pete Mohrbacher is obsessed. He’s obsessed with how to convey the feeling of the first rain drop on your skin in a painting, he’s obsessed with the craft of digital art, he’s obsessed with the business of art and business techniques outside of the world of art, and he is obsessed with his own mental health and the health and well-being of his family. But lucky for you he is ALSO obsessed with the well-being of other artists. He wants to see the community grow, for us to challenge the old ways, and build an art community that is financially strong, artistically interesting, and a place where the next generation of artists and established artists alike can learn the latest techniques for art and business. Pete Mohrbacher is one of the co-hosts of One Fantastic Week, and he founded the show on all the things he is obsessed with. Come meet Pete and share in his obsession and his knowledge. Join us for the Fantastic Workshop and become obsessed with your own success!

Guest Speakers & Mentorships:


Tawny Fritz


Tawny Fritz achieved the dream… overnight Instagram success, and all she had to do was work diligently, commit to hours of research, and learn the lingo necessary to communicate on that platform. In other words, … she worked her ass off! Fortunately for you she also documented her process, paying close attention to what worked and what didn’t. As the result of all her hard work Tawny took her Instagram followers from a few thousand to over twenty thousand in a few months. Lucky for you, she will be mentoring at this year’s Fantastic Workshop. You will have the chance to sit down for a one-on-one or small group chat with Tawny where she will walk you through the ins and outs of Instagram in a way that you can understand. You will have the opportunity to get a tailored review of your current social media skills and the tips you need to take it to the next level. Tawny is a great teacher and you are lucky to get the opportunity to work with her. So SIGN UP already! We’ll see you in November!