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Our instructors have been selected because they all possess a mastery of image making, a passion for teaching and are all successful entrepreneurs. Their businesses are diverse and range from every part of the entertainment industry as well as into advertising and fine art. Each of them can talk, at length, about their brush preferences in addition to their tax returns.


Jasmine Becket Griffith

Independent Art Icon



Jasmine is a widely recognized artist with her work seen by millions across her many retail releases, gallery exhibitions and convention appearances. Her fanbase is almost unparalleled in size and intensity. Along with help from her husband and assistant Matt, she's created one of the most successful independent art brands in the marketplace.


  • Acrylic Painting - Demo
  • Art as Brand - Lecture

Stephanie Law

Online Art Selling Pioneer



Stephanie has been selling reproduction of her artwork online for longer than most people have been using the Internet. Her iconic watercolor style has been a major influence on many artists over the years and has developed a dedicated following throughout the spiritual art community.


  • Watercolor - Demo
  • Crowd funding - Lecture
  • Expanding Your Personal IP into the Mass Market - Lecture

Ron Lemen

Master Painter



Ron has a long history of concept art and art direction within the game industry. With a strong mastery of classical figurative drawing and painting techniques, he has created enormous amounts of educational material for artists looking to enter into the entertainment industry. He is the co-owner of the REV Art Academy in San Diego where he teaches figurative art.


  • Portrait Painting  - Demo & Lecture

Vanessa Lemen

Paint Shaman



Vanessa has the ability to turn the painting process into a spiritual experience. By combining years of painting mastery with an intuitive approach to image creation, she has been able to create a body of work that unlocks the imagination. She's the co-owner of the REV Art Academy in San Diego where she teaches figurative art.


  • Painting as a Means of Discovery - Demo & Lecture

Returning Instructors

Kelly McKernan

Social Media Maven


Kelly has built a successful business as an art entrepreneur over a very short period of time through smart research and application of social media tools. Her constantly adapting use of Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope has facilitated the creation of a unique and personally driven body of work.


  • Social Media Marketing - Lecture
  • Creating Texture in Watercolor Painting - Demo

Sean Murray

World Builder


Sean is the creator of Gateway, an original world that he's built into a book series and tabletop game. In addition to his own project, he's collaborated on world building projects for film and games for over 10 years.


  • Introduction to World Building - Lecture
  • The Art of Observation - Sketchwalk

Sam Flegal

Expert Salesman



Sam built his art business in less than five years. Not afraid to reinvent himself from a zombie portrait artist, he now puts great focus into crafting narratives from Norse lore into large and elaborate oil paintings. He's the co-creator and co-host of One Fantastic Week and co-owner of this workshop.


  • How to Sell Paintings - Lecture
  • Oil Painting Primer - Demo

Peter Mohrbacher

Crowd Funding Mentor



Peter has spent the last decade building his art brand Angelarium and has managed to turn it into a successful business with crowdfunding as a key tool. Constantly reviewing and consulting on Kickstarter and Patreon projects, crowdfunding and web sales are his second passion behind creating digital paintings.


  • Build Your Audience with Crowd Funding - Lecture
  • Esoteric Digital Painting Techniques - Demo

Guest Speakers

Kristina Carroll

Gamblin Oil Guru



Kristina is an amazing illustrator and is also the force behind the popular Month of Love and Month of Fear art challenges. She is an official Gamblin Oil Paint education specialist and will be joining us for a 90 minute lecture on Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials.

Lecture Topics Covered:

  • Artist’s Oil Colors – Gamblin’s approach to color making
  • Color Theory – 2-dimensional vs 3-dimensional Color Space
  • Color Mixing – Gamblin’s practical approach to color mixing     
  • Mineral vs Modern Pigments – Create a personal palette of colors
  • Indirect vs Direct Techniques – Opaque and transparent colors
  • FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors – Benefits of fast-drying, matte oil colors
  • Galkyd Painting Mediums – Choosing the right medium
  • Building Permanent Paintings – Understanding Fat Over Lean

L. Rush

Power House Negotiator



Lindsey is a consultant for some of the largest brands in the world, focusing on instructional design and user experience. She is an artist; managing art shows, exhibits, and lectures. In parallel with her daytime career, Lindsey does not compromise on her artistic voice. The focus of Lindsey’s conversation with you will be on self-confidence, following your own path while still conducting business in a professional manner, leveraging your network, negotiating your needs, and pursuing new opportunities.


  • Self Confidence as an Artist - Lecture