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The 2016 Lecture Schedule

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In between lectures and demos you will have studio time to work on the project of your choice. For many attendees this will be a personal project, but you are welcome to work on whatever you like.

There will also be opportunities for one-on-one consultations with individual faculty members. Sign-ups will occur on site.

Thursday, Nov 17th

Welcome Keynote

10 - 10:30 AM
Sam Flegal and Peter Mohrbacher welcome everyone to the workshop, officially kick things off and help set the tone for the workshop.

How We All Got  Our Start - Q&A

10:30 AM - NOON
Group lecture with all the faculty. We will explain how we got our start in the art business and open the floor for as many questions as we can fit in.  You'll get a personal look into our history and it will help you get a sense of what conversations you want to have throughout the event.

Critique Groups

1 - 5:30 PM
We will break into groups and critique each attendee's project/presentation. This is a chance to show your passion to the faculty and let them get a sense of why you are at The Fantastic Workshop.

Self Confidence as an Artist

6:30 - 8 PM
L. Rush discusses how to be more self-confident as an artist, following your own path while still conducting business in a professional manner, leveraging your network, negotiating your needs, and pursuing new opportunities. Learn from a professional negotiator.

Friday, Nov 18th

Introduction to World Building

9 - 10 AM
Sean Murray presents us with his introduction to world building, a process that breaks down building your own world into understandable terminology. He'll be explaining how he's applied this to his own world building projects as well as work he does for hire.

Painting as a Means of Discovery

10:30 - 11:30 AM
Join Vanessa Lemen for a live painting demo that has become renowned for the extreme reaction it produces with its audience. She'll be plumbing the depths of her subconscious in oil paint through a process of improvisation and destruction.

Sketch Walk

1 - 2:30 AM
Sean Murray takes everyone on an urban sketch walk around campus and a bit beyond. He'll share how he peels back the assumptions of what we're looking at to see a hidden and strange world right under our noses.  Last year this was a favorite for attendees and faculty alike, don't miss it!

 Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials

2:30 - 4 PM
Kristina Carroll presents Gamblin’s official lecture on oil painting to help remove the fear many artists have for this medium, as well as offer tips and tricks for the more experienced oil painter.

Watercolor Demo

4 - 5 PM
Join Stephanie Law as she demonstrates her techniques in watercolor.

Crowd Funding

6:30 - 7:30 PM
Peter Mohrbacher and Stephanie Law talk about Kickstarter and other options for crowd funding. Learn how to fund your dream and discover why Patreon is the best and worst thing ever.

Portrait Painting Demo

8  - 9 PM
Join Ron Lemen as he produces an oil painting portrait rich with detail and storytelling.

Saturday, Nov 19th


9  - 10 AM
Sam Flegal talks sales, encouraging artists to take as much interest in sales technique as they do art technique. It's a skill, with teachable steps that you can use to increase the value of the work you create.

Watercolor Demo

10:30  - 11:30 AM
Join Kelly McKernan as she demonstrates techniques in watercolor.

Taxes for Artists

1  - 2 PM
Rachel K. Lloyd, CPA, presents a guide to tax law for artists. Last year this was a real eye opener for many attendees and was one of the most talked about lectures.

Social Media Marketing

3  - 4 PM
Kelly McKernan explains the ins and outs of social media, highlighting best practices, and how to grow your followers.

Acrylic Painting Demo

4:30  - 5:30 PM
Join Jasmine Becket Griffith as she demos her technique in acrylics.

Expanding Your Personal IP into the Mass Market

6:30  - 7:30 PM
Stephanie Law talks about how she's grown her art into a brand and brought that brand to market with great success. She'll be revealing how she's used the reach of publishers to draw fans to her personal brand and storefront.

Digital Work Flow Demo

8  - 9 PM
Join Peter Mohrbacher as he demonstrates a variety of esoteric digital painting techniques that let him mimic the look of natural painting.

Sunday, Nov 20th

Art as Brand

10  - 11 AM
Jasmine Becket Griffith explains how she's built a brand empire without sacrificing her vision as an artist.

Closing Lecture Q&A

1  - 3 PM
In our closing lecture all the faculty will be present to answer questions and share insights into all the burning questions we can fit in, as time allows.

Clean Up and Goodbyes

3  - 5 PM
Until next year!